Civil Consumer Goods Area

When the semiconductor thermoelectric cooling module works, there is no noise and vibration. And it is light in weight, can be heat and cool, and control precisely. In this case, it is popular used in the area of civil consumer goods and loved by consumers.

Home Appliance: Wine Cooler, Mini Bar, Heating and Cooling Fridge, Cigar Cooler etc,.

Small Kitchen Appliances: Ice-cream Maker, Yogurt Maker, Breast Milk Bag, Milk Cooler, Chocolate Cooler etc,.

Household Electrical Appliance: Cooling and Heating Mattress, Dehumidifier, Beer Cooler, Air Condition Fan, Portable Cosmetics Cooler, Range Hood Air Conditioner, etc,.


Electronic Industry Area

The space of the electronic products is small. When it is working, the internal devices will generate a large amount of heat. Because the size of the thermoelectric system is small and has Precision temperature control, it can be used as a heat dissipation device for electronic products.

Thermoelectric Air Conditioner, Infrared Detector, Laser Diode, Photomultiplier Tube(PMT), CCD Camera, etc,.


Biomedical Area

In the Biomedical Area, it has very strict requirements for the storage and transportation of the medicines and cells. With the advantage of heating & cooling conversion, precision temperature control, small size and no vibration, the thermoelectric cooling module can meet the requirements of biomedical use.

Medical Cooler, Insulin Cooler, Intelligent Antipyretic Instrument, PCR Amplification Instrument, Plant Incubator, etc,.


Industrial And Environmental

Protection Area

In the process of waste incineration, waste heat of the boiler, steel smelting, ceramic kiln, a large amount of heat is generated. The heat can be collected and supplied to the Thermoelectric Power Generation Module, then generates the temperature difference to be converted into current.

Industrial Waste Heat Power Generation, Waste Incineration Power Generation, Automobile Exhaust, Steel Plant, etc,.


New Energy Area

There is a large amount of the energy generated from Solar Energy, LNG Cold Energy and other new energy. Collect this energy to the Thermoelectric Power Generation Module, then generates the temperature difference to be converted into current. 

Heat Meter, Solar Thermal Power, LNG Cold Energy Thermoelectric Power Generation, etc,.


Automobile Area

With the development of 5G technology, automobiles will enter into the era of full intelligence in the future. The space of the Automobile is limited, and only with 12V power supply, which is suitable to use the thermoelectric components as hardware inside, because the thermoelectric components are small size and low power.

Car Heating and cooling Cushion, Car Fridege, Heating and Cooling Cup, Cooling Bag, Heating and Cooling Bag, etc,.


Communication Area

Communication device has high precision and small working space. Thermoelectric cooling module is suitable to use in the Communication device for heat dissipation because it is small size and no vibration. 

Data Center, 5G Communication, Internet of Things(IOT), etc,.


Space Military Area

Military equipment is a high-end precision equipment, but the space of the equipment is small which needs to use the thermoelectric cooling module for heat dissipation. Besides, it is inconvenient for the soldiers to carry water because they train a lot outside in the field, so the thermoelectric  cooling module can be used to condense the moisture in the air to form water for daily use by soldiers.

Military Infrared Detector Cooling, Space Optoelectronic Microchip Cooling, Military Kettle, etc,.


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